Ethernetschnittstellenmodul für Steuerungen by wasco®

Multifunctional module with analog inputs



  • 8 analog inputs 16Bit
  • 8 optocoupler inputs
  • 5 counters 16 bit
  • 2 optocoupler outputs
  • LCD display
  • 100Base-T Ethernet interface
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The measurement technology module with Ethernet interface and RJ45 connection EXDUL-581E has eight grounded or four differential 16 bit A / D input channels with bipolar (+/- 0.63 V, +/- 1.27 V, +/- 2.55 V, +/- 5.1 V, +/- 10.2 V) input voltage ranges. The conversion initiation including the associated configuration of the A / D components (area / channel selection) takes place via software command. In addition, the module has eight digital inputs and two digital outputs with electrical isolation using high-quality optocouplers and additional protective diodes. Special high-performance output optocouplers can handle a switching current of up to 150 mA. The module is supplied with the necessary operating voltage via an external voltage source.The connections for the power supply, like the connections for the input and output optocoupler, are fed to a 24-pin screw terminal strip. The compact housing allows it to be used as a mobile module on the notebook and as a control module in control and machine construction with simple wall mounting or uncomplicated mounting on DIN EN mounting rails.