USB modules for measuring and controlling by EXDUL®

USB modules analog und digital for measurement technology

  • USB-Digital-IO-Module isoliert

    USB - digital I/O-modules isolated

    • Digital inputs via optocouplers
    • Digital outputs via optocoupler
    • Digital outputs via relays
    • Timer / counter inputs via optocoupler
    • LCD display
    • All EXDUL modules with installation files for 8.1 / 8 / 7, from Windows 10 automatical installation without special installation files

    USB-Digital-IO-Module TTL

    USB - digital I/O-modules TTL

    • Digital inputs TTL
    • Digital outputs TTL
    • Counter / timer
    • All EXDUL modules with installation files for 8.1 / 8 / 7, from Windows 10 automatical installation without special installation files


    USB - analog I/O- und multifunctional modules

    • Analog inputs
    • Temperature inputs
    • T / C inputs
    • Analog outputs
    • Digital inputs / outputs TTL
    • Timer / counter
    • All EXDUL modules with installation files for 8.1 / 8 / 7, from Windows 10 automatical installation without special installation files


    USB - hub- und GPIB modules

    • Downstream ports type A
    • Upstream port type B
    • USB 2.0 / 1.1 / 1.0
    • 480 Mbps high-speed data transfer
    • GPIB interface
    • IEEE 488.1 / IEEE 488.2

    EXDUL-3xx - USB-modules from Messcomp®

    USB-interface - advantages and disadvantages

    The Universal Serial Bus is a serial bus system for connecting devices to the computer. It was introduced in 1996 in version USB 1.0. It is currently defined up to version USB 4, with version 1.0 and 2.0 being completely sufficient for operation as an input / output or measuring module. The advantage of USB 2.0 lies in the number of these interfaces on the computer and the downward compatibility with 1.0. The USB interface is not only used for data exchange, it also provides the power supply for the module if required.

    Why USB modules from Messcomp?

    Messcomp Datentechnik GmbH offers a large selection of high quality modules with USB interface under the EXDUL® brand for measurement technology. These modules are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are robust and of high quality. Thanks to the in-house development and production of Messcomp Datentechnik GmbH and the long-term availability, they are the ideal basis for solving your measurement technology problem.

    Where is the area of application of USB measurement technology?

    The EXDUL® USB modules from Messcomp® are ideal for laboratories and industry. They meet both the harsh industrial environment and the performance requirements in the laboratory. They can be quickly and easily integrated into your control system via the PC's USB interface. They are used in process monitoring, automation technology, measurement technology, control technology and many other areas. The limits are in the response time, which is of course much greater than that of PC cards. The advantage of the PC card with PCI or PCIe bus is also clear in terms of the sampling rate, especially in real-time applications. If the speed is of secondary importance, the module is an interesting alternative to the PC card.

    Which range do our USB modules include

    Whether uninsulated analog or TTL signal acquisition modules, input / output modules isolated via optocouplers and relays - with us you will find the solution you need for your measurement and control technology application in a large selection of USB modules. A large number of EXDUL modules provide analog inputs and analog outputs, temperature inputs for Pt100 sensors, relays, power relays, optocouplers, TTL inputs / outputs, counters, filters and encoders. Messcomp® has the right solution for almost every measurement problem.



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